CHIPS Telephone Services

Courthouse Information and Payment System (CHIPS) 24-hour information and payment availability

The Broward County Clerk of Courts CHIPS system offers the caller the ability to hear detailed case information for Circuit Civil, County Civil, Family Court, Traffic and Misdemeanor, Appeals, Probate, and Felony cases. Using this service you can also order case files for viewing at a Broward County Courthouse or check the status of a Marriage License. On the same phone call you can elect to pay Traffic or Parking Citations, or listen to driver's license information and reinstate your Drivers License using your Visa or MasterCard.

This service also provides a phone caller with answers and information to frequently asked questions in English or Spanish. This section is called the "Courthouse Information Guide". To use this section you must first select the 4-digit code or codes for the subject or subjects you are interested in. You may enter as many 4 digits codes as you require on the same phone call. A directory is provided below.

Hours of Operation:

Payment of Traffic or Parking fines, or hearing detailed case information can be performed 24 hours, 7 days a week. In order to use this service you must have a touch-tone phone.

Phone Number to Call:
Helpful Suggestions:

Listen to the welcome message and select your language preference, English or Spanish.

Option # 1: If you want to pay a Traffic or Parking fines or hear case information press 1. We recommend you have a case number for case information, if you want to pay a ticket, you should have your citation and credit card. We will even offer you help how to enter case information over your telephone keypad. The Options that may apply in the payment of a traffic citation may vary; this system will guide you through each Option that applies to your citation.

Option #2: If you want to listen to the Courthouse Information Guide, containing answers to frequently asked information, we recommend you use the directory below to find the 4-digit code or codes that correspond to the topic you are interested in. Then dial 954-712-7899, then after the language selection, select Option 2 for the Courthouse Information Guide. When prompted, enter the 4-digit code for the topic of your choice.

Option #3: You can now determine the status of your driver license. This will be Option 3 after the language selection. If your license has been suspended, you can hear the status of your driver license and find out if you are eligible to reinstate your driver license. Have your driver license and credit card available.

CHIPS Courthouse Information Guide Directory:

To use these 4 digit codes, please refer to Helpful Suggestions Option #2 above

7800 New Services

APPEALS (Central Courthouse)
7801 General Information, hear case information

7802 General Information
7803 Copies of Court Records

7804 General Information

COUNTY CIVIL (Central Courthouse)
7805 General Information
7806 General Information and search by name
7807 Small claims (up to $5,000.00)
7808 Civil actions (from $5,000.01 to $15,000)
7809 Evictions

CIRCUIT CIVIL Central Courthouse (all functions), North and West Courthouses (new case filings), South Courthouse (new case filings)
7810 Case file ordering
7811 General information and search by name
7812 Civil action (over $15,000)
7813 Court Registry
7814 Foreclosure
7815 Collection of judgment, garnishment, execution and recording of a judgment

7816 General information

7817 Modification of final judgment
7818 Simplified divorce

7819 General information

7820 Adoptions
7821 Name change

FELONY (Central Courthouse)
7822 How to change a court date
7823 How to find out about a felony case and to order for viewing
7824 How to press charges against someone
7825 How to make restitution payment
7826 When should I come to court?
7827 What to do if I move?
7829 What if I can’t pay my fine?
7830 What is a felony?
7831 What is an arraignment?
7832 What if I fail to appear?

7833 After hours service window
7834 Accommodations for the disabled
7835 Hours and locations
7836 Judge name and case information
7837 Responsibilities of the Clerk
7873 Witness payments
7874 Jury payments
7875 NSF checks
7876 Refunds
7877 Escrow accounts for copies

7838 Private/Public Defender

HUMAN RESOURCES (Central Courthouse)
7839 Employment information
Vacant positions 954-831-5516

JUVENILE (Central Courthouse)
7840 General information

MARRIAGE LICENSE AND CEREMONY (Central, North, South and West Courthouses)
7841 Obtain a certified copy of a marriage record
7842 What do I need to obtain a marriage license? Check the status of a marriage certificate.
          The legal age for both male and female is 18 years of age

7843 Disabled parking violations and amount due
7844 How do I appeal/contest a parking ticket?
7845 Type of code enforcement citations. Listen to citation info.
7846 Type of parking violations
7847 What if I miss my hearing?
7848 What if my payment is late?
7849 Where and how can I pay?

PASSPORT (North,West and South Courthouses)
7828 Passport information

PROBATE/MENTAL HEALTH/GUARDIANSHIP Central Courthouse (all functions), and North and West Courthouses (new Probate case filings) and at the South Courthouse (new Probate case filings)
7850 Filing fees
7851 How to file a statement of claim
7852 Mental health proceedings
7853 What is a caveat?
7854 What is a guardianship?
7855 What is a will for safekeeping?

7856 Electronic bulletin board service
7857 Public access dial in search service

7858 General information

7859 General information

7860 Payment or Information for driver’s license, registration & insurance violations
7861 Payment or Information for improper equipment violations
7862 Payment or Information for moving and non-moving violations
7863 Payment or Information for Traffic School elections
7864 Information for re-orders and the forfeiture of traffic school
7865 Information concerning a court date
7866 Information concerning plea by mail
7867 Change of address information
7868 Request for a driver’s license history record
7869 Fine extension information
7870 Information. Concerning a court date
7871 Information concerning plea by mail
7872 Fine extension information

FINANCE DEPARTMENT (Central Courthouse)
7873 Witness Payments
7874 Jury Payments
7875 Bounced Checks
7876 Refunds
7877 How to set up an escrow account for copy payments